Day 38 – 2nd Graders Report: Fishers HAS Changed!

On Day 19, HSE21 Shorts reported on Mrs. Hillman’s second-grade class and this driving question: “How has Fishers changed?” The query grew out of the second graders’ study of communities, and became a true inquiry project for the students. The students became investigators– researching, consulting experts, making comparisons, looking for connections, and drawing conclusions.

Several weeks later, the conclusions are drawn: Fishers HAS changed. It is a much different place for seven-years-olds than it was in the past! In business and employment, in education, and in size, Fishers has gone from small farming and railroad town to a bustling, busy (nearly) city. But don’t take my word for it. One key of problem-based learning is the authentic presentation of findings. Mrs. Hillman’s students created video presentations of their research that have been shared with families and friends. They even shared a couple with HSE21 Shorts. Enjoy!