Nothing Says Kindness Like DONUTS!

Kindness is delicious! Thanks to Miss Sugg’s first grade class at Fishers Elementary School for writing about their Donut Kindness Project and sharing with HSE21 Shorts.

IMG_8520We are Miss Sugg’s class. This year we made it a class goal to serve in at least 3 different kindness projects this year. After watching videos and reading books on how to spread kindness, we brainstormed ways to show kindness in our community. Who deserves appreciation? What should we do for them? How can we make this happen? This is how The Donut Kindness Project got started!

After the class decision to begin spreading kindness to the community with donuts, Miss Sugg’s students got to work!

Dac9kg1VwAAPFJ0Students created a list of tasks that would need to be accomplished, and each student chose a job according to their interests and passion.  Students wrote persuasive letters to the principals (to seek permission for the project!), made parent invitations, contacted donut shops, and researched where, who and how they would serve.

DZARBoQXkAACaeM (1)With jobs completed and a plan in place, the class was ready to invite the principals into the classroom to share the project plan and ask for permission to make it happen! Students delivered letters to Square Donuts and Taylor’s Bakery (both within walking distance of the school) to ask for their partnership.

IMG_1822With the “Go-ahead” from our principals and help from the local bakeries, were off to our Kindness Walk! Our first stop was at Square Donuts to pick up our 4 boxes of donated donuts! During our walk we donated a box to the Fishers Police Department, the Fishers Fire Department, the Fishers Public Library, and to local construction workers! We ended our walk with a pit stop at Taylor’s Bakery to celebrate our hard work and success with some donut holes for our own!