Second Graders Tour the States!

Mrs. VanWynsberghe’s and Mrs. Philhower’s classes recently filmed a tour of the entire United States! The Fall Creek Elementary second graders have appreciated the music of The Brainbeats while learning about our fifty states. Enjoy their fifty states tour, based on the catchy Brainbeats song, Tour the States.



Here’s the official Tour the States video by the Brainbeats. And…here’s their new music video, Tour the World. (It’s a little longer!) One more…Brainbeats music is available for purchase here.

The Music of HSE21, Part 1

If you are an elementary music teacher in Hamilton Southeastern Schools, your ‘class’ is literally the entire school! You have the privilege of teaching every first through fourth grade student in the building; yet, compared to a classroom teacher, you don’t see your students very  often. Elementary students rotate through music class only one or two times per week. In the past, this hasn’t left much time to practice new instrumental skills, or vocal selections for school programs.

Enter the 21st century! With a strong desire to deepen and enrich their music programs, several elementary music teachers recently put their creative problem-solving skills (HSE21!) to work, looking for ways to provide their students with content beyond their one or two music classes each week. In the next several days, HSE21 Shorts will highlight several of these dynamic music teachers.

Suleman Hussain, oScreen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.00.46 PMf Cumberland Road Elementary, has developed several online spaces through which he highlights student learning, shares lessons with parents, and gives students information to practice musical skills and pieces. Mr. Hussain keeps lessons up-to-date on Google Drive in grade level folders, accessible to parents and students 24-7. Through his YouTube channel within HSE’s domain, parents now have a window Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.02.55 PMinto music class–they can see and hear what their children are singing and playing–who knows, children may even be teaching their parents a song or two! Mr. Hussain also uses YouTube to post tutorials, a breakdown of the newest xylophone song, for example.

Through digital tools for learning, music teachers like Suleman have found creative ways to extend the classroom, reaching students–and parents–with music class content, musical skills, and engaging musical activities for families to enjoy. #HSE21

Day 23 – Living USA

The entire student body of Hoosier Road Elementary just culminated a very special collaborative endeavor. Together, students and faculty created and presented a “Living USA”, which was photographed by an arial photographer. The project was led by Renee Ross, HRE music teacher, along with Shannyn Miller (physical education) and Linda Hill (art). Ross, Miller, and Hill worked with students during Literacy Fridays to prepare the program and organize the ‘photo opp’.  The student body learned and sang the national anthem and another patriotic song; a fourth grade class presented speaking parts for the program. HRE faculty agrees that “Living USA” has been a great tribute and community-builder at their school! And the picture is gorgeous!

DCIM101GOPRO-Submitted by Lauren Avery (media specialist) and Renee Ross (music), Hoosier Road Elementary

Day 22 – Creativity for a Cause

SCEOne component of HSE21 is the principle of contributing positively to the community at large. Miss Coffman’s 4th grade class at Sand Creek Elementary recently enjoyed a day of cross-curricular arts study AND worked towards the welfare of endangered species in the process! Ms. Golando, SCE music teacher, led students through the Carnival of the Animals; students then selected their favorite endangered animals based on the music they heard. Afterward, Ms. McDuffee, SCE art instructor, guided students through the creation of clay bowls out of patterned animal shapes. The creations will be raffled off later in the year with funds donated to WWF. Creativity for a cause!

Submitted by Laura Collier, SCE Media Specialist