Day 13 – Student Engagement: Not Just for Extroverts!

As a teen, especially for a shy or quiet teen, it can be risky to raise one’s hand and ask a question in the middle of class– “Is my question dumb?” “Will they laugh at me?” The prospect  of vulnerability is scary. Thanks to digital tools for learning, today’s students have new options. Consider this example from HSE High School:

This year I set up a Today’s Meet for each one of my classes. Students are given time in class to use their digital devices (phones, tablets, or laptops) to join the conversation via a QR code or web link. This information is also available via their blackboard page. The idea behind this ‘back channel’ is to allow students to ask me something without having fear of embarrassment or feeling like they are disrupting class. The conversation above was from my 5th period Astronomy class. A student, from her device, asked a question about retrograde motion and I was able to respond to the question immediately and provide feedback. Without Today’s Meet, this question might never have been voiced!


-Submitted by Megan Ewing, HSE High School, Earth/Space Science & Astronomy