Let’s Talk About Hunger

HSE21 recognizes the value of giving students the opportunity to consider pressing global problems – world hunger, for example. In HSE Schools, issues like world hunger are confronted in manners that are age and developmentally appropriate. For high school seniors enrolled in AP Environmental Science, confronting world (and community) hunger recently meant participating in an in-school Oxfam Hunger Banquet.


Mrs. Safi, AP Environmental Science teacher at HSE High School, used resources provided by Oxfam to host the Hunger Banquet.  Each student drew the role of a specific character  – each character had a personal story. Students sat in groups based on their characters’ economic class; each economic class shared a typical meal. Mrs. Safi led discussion as her students (role-playing the Oxfam characters) shared the stories of their lives. Before class ended, discussion circled back around to the facts of hunger – both in the world and in our local community. From the many students whose meal consisted of only rice, to the two first world students who could choose from a smorgasbord of tasty options, the Banquet was an enlightening experience for all.




Note: The AP Environmental Science curriculum is written by the College Board and approved by individual states. A description of this highly applicable course is in the box to the left.






Day 33 – The Engagement Challenge

You’ve heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Recently, the HSE21 pilot team at Riverside Junior High challenged their colleagues to the Engagement Challenge! As RJH looks toward August 2015 when students will be 1:1 with iPads as learning tools, the HSE21 team challenged their peers to visit others’ classes several times this year – to gain new teaching ideas and (in the pilot rooms) see one-to-one blended learning in action. Since an engagement challenge need to be engaging, they rolled out the Challenge here:

Following a peer-to-peer classroom visit, teachers are encouraged to share what they learned through a Google form. Pilot teacher Stephanie Dalton added this as she rolled out the Engagement Challenge in an email to staff: “After you complete the form, you can press ‘see previous responses’ to see all of the other great things happening here at the River!”