Day 4 – This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Library

Within seconds of entering the Fall Creek Intermediate School media center today, it was clear that this was no ordinary library! By ‘ordinary’, I mean the library of my childhood, where a bun-haired, frowning librarian gloried in saying, “Shhhh!”, and books that we were afraid to touch (for fear of our librarian’s wrath) sat dusty and unread.

At FCI today, the library (aka, media center) was a bustling hub of activity! Fifth graders scanned QR codes to find information to complete a library scavenger hunt. As they discovered what their new school’s media center had to offer, they were clearly pleased. FCI students have much to look forward to during their media center visits this year. No “Shhhing” allowed!


FCI 5th graders use their iPads to scan QR codes that will lead them to information about their new library.


Media Specialist Terri Zabonick helps a student search the library catalog…on an iPad!

-Submitted by Susan Drumm, Instructional Technology Coach