Day 23 – Living USA

The entire student body of Hoosier Road Elementary just culminated a very special collaborative endeavor. Together, students and faculty created and presented a “Living USA”, which was photographed by an arial photographer. The project was led by Renee Ross, HRE music teacher, along with Shannyn Miller (physical education) and Linda Hill (art). Ross, Miller, and Hill worked with students during Literacy Fridays to prepare the program and organize the ‘photo opp’.  The student body learned and sang the national anthem and another patriotic song; a fourth grade class presented speaking parts for the program. HRE faculty agrees that “Living USA” has been a great tribute and community-builder at their school! And the picture is gorgeous!

DCIM101GOPRO-Submitted by Lauren Avery (media specialist) and Renee Ross (music), Hoosier Road Elementary