Day 35 – You Are a Genius, Part 1

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There is a genius in all of us, right? The teachers at Thorpe Creek Elementary think so too!  Many TCE classrooms from kindergarten to fourth grade dedicate instructional time to Genius Hour each week. Students inquire, explore, and expand their wonderings and passions. They are given time to wonder and ask questions about their world, research and explore, and then students share their findings with the class and community! And it looks different in every classroom!


Mrs. Eby modeled her own inquiry for her kindergarten class when she shared how she discovered that her broken air conditioner had actually been struck by lightning!  She shared how she asked questions, where she went to seek the answers, and how she shared her findings.  Her students then started asking their own questions.  Some first graders in Mrs. Potter’s class asked questions like, “Why do bees sting you?” and “Why do we have an attic in our house if we never use it.”

Mrs. Gibson’s fourth graders are finding that some of their wonderings are turning into projects!  One group wondered how gluten-free ice cream is made, and now they are making their own and sharing it with the class! Another group of students in her class is learning about robots and attempting to build their own.  Mrs. L. King’s second graders are making informative videos, including one about the dangers of poison ivy!
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What do you wonder about?  How do you find answers to your questions and share the information with others?  We all do this every day!  That’s what HSE21 instruction and Genius Hour is all about…purposely, creatively, and safely navigating our everyday inquiries!

-Submitted by Leslie Hopper, Thorpe Creek Elementary Media Specialist

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  1. Genius Hour! Sounds just like what HSE High School started last year thru their English Dept.
    Kudos for stimulating young brains!
    Kudos to teachers that care!


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