Day 39 – Passionate Teaching

Today’s HSE21 Short is written through the eyes of a high school student. It is included because it sheds light on one of the most important aspects of great teaching.

Over the years, I’ve had many different teachers. Some of them I have gotten along with more than others, and I prefer some of their teaching styles to others. But I will tell you, even when I’m not wild about the subject (like science), when I have teachers who are passionate about what they teach, it won’t matter. I will certainly respect them for it. I had a science teacher last year, and you could just tell that he loved what he was doing every single day. He loves chemistry; you could tell by how he has devoted his life to it, and how adamant he is about helping his students understand what he is teaching. Even though I did not enjoy the subject matter, I certainly loved him as a teacher because of the interest and joy he expressed towards what he was doing.

I have a few teachers this year that fall under the same category. My math teacher is so adorable! She gets so excited every time that she is teaching us something new, and smiles and thinks that math is so fun. Even though I don’t share the same passion toward calculus, it is nice knowing that the person teaching me truly loves what she is doing and will try with all of her power to help us understand and love math just as much as she does.

These teachers, I believe, will leave a lasting impression on me. Even if they don’t inspire me to love chemistry or calculus, they inspire me to be inspired. These teachers and a few others are the ones that make me want to go out and find career that I am passionate about and devote my life to it and love what I do with every fiber of my being. These are the teachers I will remember. Thank you to all of you teachers that have inspired me and everyone else to continue to pursue our passions.

-FHS Student, Class of 2016