Day 45 – Need a New Workout Video? Students Can Help!

How many of us have slowly stopped working out after following the same workout routine day after day…week after week? Well, the students in Mr. Simms’ and Mr. Bratton’s Physical Education classes at Fall Creek Intermediate School are out to change that! They are collaborating to design new fitness routine videos to excite and engage, spicing things up for the Physical Education classes. “We get to be a part of making exercise routines that are different and fun for our whole class!” was one group’s  consensus today.PEVIDEOFCI

These videos provide more than just a means for students to get more exercise. Students work together to come up with and incorporate a variety of stretching and cardio activities to get them moving and active. They collaborate with their team members to lay out the routines, record video, and utilize iMovie to create their final polished version including videos, correct exercise form instructions, music, and more.

Creation has abounded as students have applied their physical education understanding to transform their own learning and real-world applications. Once students own the information and can apply it, it is theirs for a lifetime! They are on their way to owning the keys to a fit future!

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-Submitted by Kim Day, Fall Creek Intermediate Assistant Principal