Day 49 – Media and Society, Google Drive, and the German Language

Today’s post is courtesy of Nicole Matthews, a German teacher at Hamilton Southeastern High School. Ms. Matthews’ story is HSE21-rich; it’s a testament to the positive ways in which the Internet and digital tools can be leveraged to bring elements of student choice, collaboration, and critical thinking into ordinary lessons. 


Originally in my German IVH/AP class during this three-day week, I was going to slog through the details of persuasive essay writing.  But since we are studying the effects of media on society, I thought it might be more fun before fall break to look at German language ads and commercials.

Here is the assignment’s design: I asked my students to each find a German language commercial–a task that we can easily do now, thanks to the Internet. The students then analyzed the commercial, asking themselves about intended audience, the message, and what form the ad is taking. Next, students put their responses and a link to their adIMG_0783 on a shared Google Doc.  Tomorrow the students will present their finds, in German of course! As a follow up activity, they will comment on others’ chosen commercials, again, by accessing a shared Google Doc.

-Submitted by Nicole Matthews, HSEHS, German