Day 53 – Goodbye Book Report, Hello Blog

In many HSE classrooms, traditional written book reports have evolved into 21st-century literacy experiences. Reading self-selected books and sharing reading experiences is still essential in literacy instruction–but today’s students have new avenues and methods through which to communicate about their reading. One such avenue is the blog.

Blogging, whether to reflect on a book or for another educational purpose, offers a published venue through which students can express their unique voices as writers. Blogs provide a forum for open reflection and collaborative communication; blog posts become part of each student’s digital portfolio/archive of learning, as well as a beneficial addition to their individual digital footprints.

Students of all ages and in a variety of subject areas are experienced bloggers. Today’s blog examples come from ninth-graders at Hamilton Southeastern High School. Click on the image to be directed to Blogger, where you can read about the project and get new ideas for your reading pleasure!

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.17.56 PM