Taking One’s Teacher Home

The potential of digital connectivity and devices to broaden and deepen learning is nearly boundless, as HSE21 Shorts posts often affirm! In addition to student-driven inquiry and creations, teachers are harnessing technology to connect with students outside the classroom–posting lessons online, holding virtual office hours, and recording and posting presentations. Through Blackboard, our learning management system, Google Apps for Education, and many other digital tools for learning, students can revisit material that is not yet understood. They can receive quick, individualized feedback. Interspersed throughout the year, HSE21 Shorts will highlight some simple, yet powerful shifts in instruction made possible through digital connection and access.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 7.24.42 PMNatalie Stoner, mathematics teacher at the Hamilton Southeastern Freshman Center, is a pro at demonstrating mathematical constructs to her students. But as students will attest, an algebra query can seem straightforward when the teacher is explaining the steps–tackling the homework problems, though, can be another story! Stoner wanted her students to be able to revisit her in-class presentations–to review, rewind, and hear key points again as needed. Enter an iPad, a tripod, and YouTube. Now Stoner uploads each day’s mini-lesson to YouTube and links the post in Blackboard. The freshmen have the means to hear the lesson again; students who are absent can see what they missed. A simple but powerful way to foster deeper understanding. That’s #ConnectedEducation.

Need an exponent review? Ms. Stoner can help! Just click the YouTube link below: