Supersteakie, on the Significance of Upton Sinclair

The Progressive Era was a fascinating time of political and social change in United States history, but sometimes it does not seem so to distracted sixteen-year-olds. Embedded within this unit of study are many key terms–people, events, and actions–that must be understood in the context of the times. In addition to class discussion of this era and its place in the overall story of our nation, Mrs. Gelhar-Bruce of HSE High School recently incorporated a fun digital tool to actively engage students in the learning process.

Watch and listen as Supersteakie and the Seventeenth Amendment describe the roles they played in the Progressive Era. Far from being superfluous side trails, digital tools like ChatterPix can enhance instruction by providing opportunities for students to learn actively. As students build creative presentations to showcase facts and concepts, learning deepens and students build understandings that will more likely endure.