Bookmarks That Take You Places

IMG_1502The ability to generate connections amongst ideas is one reason technology can be a powerful learning enhancer. Digital technologies even allow us to create new or additional purposes for traditional objects. Take the bookmark, for example. Media Specialist Carolyn Gundrum at Hamilton Southeastern Junior High has helped her students to take advantage of digital technologies to enhance learning–via the ordinary bookmark. Mrs. Gundrum explains:

“We use Word to create three tables, and then use the Table Tools Layout to change the direction of the font. Then we type in the title of their favorite book, author and keywords. After the information is complete, the students customize the bookmark to their liking.”

“The next step is to create a QR (or Quick Response Code) using a QR Code generator and linking it to the author’s website. The QR code is copied and placed by the title of the book. Now a simple scanning it through their tablets or smartphones.”

“When the bookmarks are complete, they are printed on heavier stock paper and laminated. Each student receives his/her own bookmark, and the library keeps a copy too. Now a simple QR code scan–from a bookmark–leads to extended learning!”

“I started this project this year with the eighth grade students; now the seventh grade students want to do it too!  So, this is going to be a new semester project for the seventh grade students!  What fun in learning.”

-Submitted by Carolyn Gundrum, Media Specialist, HSE Junior High