As part of our week-long focus on the Hour of Code, HSE21 Shorts decide to ask our youngest learners and their teachers to weigh in on the big event. Elementary teachers report that the resources suggested by have been both educational and entertaining. Through fun activities/apps like Kodable and Daisy the Dinosaur, even students as young as kindergarteners have been exposed to the basics of coding. Here’s what a few of these youngest students had to say about their coding experiences:

image[1] “Mom, can I do this Kodable app for my (bedtime) story tonight? It makes me think just like I do when I am reading.”

“I did it myself!” 

“This learning is really fun!”

“Do we really have to stop?”

image“I like  challenge!”

“I made him dance a jig”

Yes! Yes! Yeesss! I did it!”

“I have a huge silver dragon!”

“This makes me think!”

“I can make this guy do this!  Look, I want to show you! (pause while he shows me) SEE?!”


Oh I just growed huge!  Daisy just grew huge! It was AWESOME!”


“This is so cool – it’s like playing!”

Third and fourth graders, also, seem to love taking part in the Hour of Code. From their comments below, it’s easy to see that these students are making connections–that in coding the movements of a game character, they are actually programming, and that programming is fun!

“I really liked how it challenged you and was still fun at the same time.  I would for sure do it in my free time.  It is cool that we have the capability from these apps to be able to program on our own.”

picstitch“Some kids don’t like school and don’t like to work, but with the Hour of Code, you can still learn and have fun!”

 “The Hour of Code was fun because you could make the characters do whatever you wanted.”

 “It was really fun because you got to see a lot of different funny things the characters can do.” 

 “It’s addicting because when you play a new game you like it a lot and then you don’t want to stop.”

 “It was fun because you can program a game to do what you want it to do.”

 “It’s so awesome because I kept on making Daisy big and small and make her break dance.”

 “I liked Scratch, Jr. because you can make your own person whatever color you want to.”

It was awesome because you never want to stop coding.  When I first starting playing Foos I just wanted to keep playing more levels.  When I got stuck I just asked a friend to help me.”

What insight–even fourth graders have recognized the potential impact of coding to engage students who don’t necessarily love school! At this rate, HSE21 Shorts wouldn’t be surprised if, in a few short years, computer programming classes in our high schools are full to overflowing!