A Google Community of Readers

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Independent reading is an important way to learn and grow–even when one is a high school senior. Jennifer Jacobs, English teacher at HSE High School, has taken advantage of our district’s GAFE status (see yesterday’s post) to encourage her students to connect and communicate about their reading. Jacobs created a Google Community, called (of all things!) English 12, and posted the prompt, What are you reading? 

Students have requirements to participate in the Google Community throughout the semester, by sharing their thoughts about what they are personally reading. Much like customers at Amazon, students can rate the books they’ve read, recommending them (or not) to peers as they see fit.

Many types of books are already represented in the English 12 Community, so much so that Jacobs has created subdivision tags for specific genres. Now it’s easy for students to click on a genre tag and explore other books they might like. Did you read Unbroken and love it? Just click on non-fiction and look for another similar memoir!

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