Power Rankings and More!

On Day 36, HSE21 Shorts introduced you to FHS English teacher Kyle Goodwin, who encourages his students to investigate their passions through a project known as Genius Hour. HSE21 Shorts just returned to one of Mr. Goodwin’s classes to check in on the students–to see how their individual projects were shaping up. What we found was no less than stunning! Here is just one example of what can happen when students are enabled to learn through the disciplined pursuit of their individual interests and passions:

IMG_2781Matthew loves sports. When Mr. Goodwin let students select a project topic, something sports-related was Matthew’s natural choice. He ultimately decided to build a blog that would aggregate rankings of major sports teams into one site. Within the space of one semester, this blog, PowerRankingsAndMore, has become a go-to place for sports fans. Matthew explored various site-building platforms, created a domain, designed, and launched!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.12.45 PM

Visit Matthew’s site: http://www.powerrankingsandmore.com!

Matthew admits that to build and now maintain the site has been lots of work–both during Genius Hour blocks at school and in his own time. But the experience has been rewarding. Matthew now has web design skills, experience in writing for web publication, and an understanding of time management and workflow…not to mention the plethora of up-to-date sports knowledge this amazing sophomore holds! Recently, a local ESPN radio station even featured Matthew’s blog – interviewing him in a live radio spot.

PowerRankingsAndMore is an example of HSE21 tenets in action: personalized, passion- and inquiry-driven learning, in which students master content area standards in ways that are relevant and engaging. Love sports? Visit www.powerrankingsandmore.com!