Give a Hoot for Kahoot  

2318646_adbb03cfWhen pieces of a puzzle come together  to create a great picture it makes for an outstanding learning experience.

Puzzle Piece #1:

Students at Lantern Road Elementary having been studying digital citizenship all year.  Recently, the fourth grade students had an educational visit from members of the Fishers Police Department.  Officers Johnson and Ahnert spoke about making good choices when students are online as well as in the real world.  Officer Johnson shared a video from titled “Oversharing – Think Before You Post.”  The video stressed the Top 10 things to think about  before you post something online.  Students were encouraged to respect themselves, others and the rules in order to be good citizens in our community and the virtual world.

 p2Puzzle Piece #2:  

Third and fourth grade teachers along with Ms. Silbert, the Library Media Specialist at LRES, visited Riverside Intermediate School to witness how iPads were being used this year with students.  Although 1:1 is still in the future at the elementary school, we wanted to examine how they are used in the school setting.  We saw many amazing things happening!  In a couple of classrooms the students were reviewing what they had learned via  Teachers had made multiple choice quizzes on that site and the students were responding to the questions via .  Teams earned points for correct answers.  The students were TOTALLY engaged!

p3Puzzle Piece #3:

Ms. Silbert was inspired by the educators at RIS.  She decided to make a review quiz for the fourth grade students covering the lessons they learned with the Fishers’ Officers. Digital Citizenship was the focus.

p4Puzzle Piece #4:  

During library classes in April, students in 4th grade used iPads to compete.  Team Digital, Team Citizen, Team Awesome and five others answered questions about those important online concepts using Kahoot.  They are now excited to move on to Riverside and use their iPads for many new adventures.

p5The picture is complete:

Lantern Road Elementary fourth grade students now can confidently say, “Don’t post photos online that you wouldn’t want your Grandma to see” or “avoid TMI” when posting online.  Several entities came together to reinforce these important 21st century messages.


-Thanks to Lantern Road Elementary Media Specialist Lori Silbert for sharing an example of how HSE educators and Fishers School Resource officers work are working together to help our students learn how to tread safely and securely in today’s digital world!