Animal Adaptations

Thank you to Riverside Intermediate science teacher Liz Bradley for sharing the engaging way that her students applied their new knowledge of physical and behavioral adaptations in the animal kingdom! This assignment gave students choice and allowed for their own creativity as they demonstrated their understanding of concepts learned. 

“For this assignment we were studying behavioral adaptations and physical adaptations in science.  The children were asked to download the app Puppet Pals 2 and I let them play around with the app for about 5 minutes the day before we started the project.  I did this so they were comfortable with the app.  On the day that we made the videos, I had the children search for an animal of their choice and screen shot the picture.  Then they were able to upload the picture from their photos into Puppet Pals as their background.  I told the children that they needed to use the puppets to point out one physical and one behavioral adaptation.  The children then uploaded their videos to our class YouTube account.”

Check out this example!

And click this link for a second example!