Tech in K-4: Is it Necessary? Is it Best?

A question we’ve been asked by parents of younger students with regard to technology integration goes something like this:

“Little ones need to read real books and write with real pencils on real paper. Our kids have plenty of technology at home. Why do they need technology at school?”

This is a fair question that deserves a thoughtful answer. In our next several posts, HSE21 Shorts will address the big idea of technology integration in grades K-4. We’ll consider our students, our world, and what research tells us about best practice instruction.PR.002We begin with experiences close to home. Twenty-three HSE K-4 teachers have spent the past semester piloting 1:1 iPads in their classrooms. Throughout this pilot, we’ve collected glimpses of classroom learning . Visit the HSE21 Media Vimeo channel. As you watch the short clips from this fall, attempt to pinpoint the reason technology was used in each learning experience. What was the point?