1:1: Does Research Exist?

Here’s a question that’s sometimes posed by parents new to the idea of technology use at school: Why does my child need technology in the classroom? Where’s the research?

BP Model.001

HSE Schools: Best Practice Instruction Model

An excellent, very legitimate question! Since most people don’t make a habit of digging into scholarly journals, and since peer-reviewed research doesn’t often catch the attention of popular media outlets, it’s easy to think that this research doesn’t exist. But it does! There is a large and rapidly growing body of evidence that educational technology, including 1:1 tech integration, leads to deeper and more personalized learning for all students – as long as the technology is used in ways consistent with best instructional practices.

For those interested in reading educational research, here is a short literature review with references to get you started. Happy reading!

Link: Technology Integration in Elementary Education – Current Literature