Design Team: Impact on Student Learning

When the HSE Elementary Design Team met last week to reflect on their 1:1 iPad year [See yesterday’s post for the background] the first question on which they reflected was this:

Where did you see the biggest impact on student learning? 

Here are just a few of the responses:

“Students had ownership in their learning and were incredibly engaged.  Our year was filled with student-centered research, and my students’ reading levels skyrocketed.”

“Empowerment, connectedness, and independence where kids become natural problem solvers and take charge of their learning!  The confidence, passion, and engagement has been inspiring!”

‘Students are moving from participants in their learning to directors, facilitators, and encouragers of their own and their peers’ learning.”

“Students had more choice and ownership in their learning.  As the year progressed, I noticed students wanting to dig deeper and question things more because they knew their questions could be answered. Students became better problem solvers and gained responsibility.  I also believe student learning was enhanced because parents were much more connected and aware of how/what their children were learning in the classroom.”

“Student engagement was at an all-time high this year.  Students loved being able to make choices concerning their learning.”

Cognitive growth, student ownership of and initiative in learning, and deep thinking were themes for all! The technology didn’t transform student learning, but it did enable transformative teaching and learning! That fact is clear. More reflections to come…