Inclusivity Takes Many Forms

IMG_9774Some LifeSkills students at Riverside Junior High have had the opportunity recently to enjoy a new digital challenge, thanks to teacher McKenzie Davis. Modeled after the popular learning game platform, Breakout EDU, which many general education students know and love, Mrs. Davis designed a unique digital breakout challenge for her LifeSkills students covering material from the curriculum’s Revolutionary War unit.

IMG_9775The Breakout challenge was composed of four puzzles – solving each puzzle resulted in a clue needed to ‘breakout’. For example, typing in the first puzzle’s correct answer, Paul Revere, released the second puzzle,  a jigsaw puzzle of the 13 colonies. In this puzzle, the students completed a crossword and unscrambled the circled letters, revealing the last challenge step – a math equation to solve.  The students ‘broke out’ when they correctly answered the math problem.

img_9773.jpgSaid Mrs. Davis, “I created my digital breakout to show that technology is universal and can be used for anyone no matter their ability. Technology can be modified and adapted for everyone! Our students responded well to and were very engaged with the IPAD, as compared to traditional paper worksheets.”

Davis plans to create another breakout; this time, projecting it onto a large SMARTboard so that the entire class can work together to Breakout!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 3.36.53 PM