Day 33 – The Engagement Challenge

You’ve heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Recently, the HSE21 pilot team at Riverside Junior High challenged their colleagues to the Engagement Challenge! As RJH looks toward August 2015 when students will be 1:1 with iPads as learning tools, the HSE21 team challenged their peers to visit others’ classes several times this year – to gain new teaching ideas and (in the pilot rooms) see one-to-one blended learning in action. Since an engagement challenge need to be engaging, they rolled out the Challenge here:

Following a peer-to-peer classroom visit, teachers are encouraged to share what they learned through a Google form. Pilot teacher Stephanie Dalton added this as she rolled out the Engagement Challenge in an email to staff: “After you complete the form, you can press ‘see previous responses’ to see all of the other great things happening here at the River!”