Day 6 – QRs in AP Psych: Extensions of Learning

Students in Kristin Marr’s AP Psychology class dove right into research this year, and the knowledge they gained will be shareable all year long–thanks to QR codes! This introductory research assignment challenged each student to gather information on the life and career of a famous psychologist, then to create a Google Document summarizing the information they learned. Next, the students created QR codes that, when scanned, would link to the Google Doc of information. Finally, a portrait of the psychologist AND the QR code were printed together.

photo 2Famous psychologists’ portraits are now proudly displayed in Marr’s classroom, along with QR codes linking to information on each one. As course curriculum unfolds and these leading thinkers are referenced, students can easily refer back to the portraits, and with a snap of their phone’s QR reader, be reminded of the important contributions to the field of psychology made by each one.

Just for fun…How many of these famous psychologists can you name?

-Submitted by Kristin Marr, Fishers High School, Social Studies