Day 7 – Contemplating Cell Phone Use…in English Class

English 10 stScreen Shot 2014-08-21 at 10.28.11 PMudents’ first literature unit revolves around the theme “Technology and Nature” This theme is woven throughout each passage or story that the students will read in the coming weeks. To prepare her students to think deeply about these themes and recognize them in the literature, teacher Kelsey Robertson designed an introductory project that connects the theme of “Technology and Nature” to her students real-world lives.

Ms. Robertson used the creative presentation site HaikuDeck as a platform to walk her students through the project. Students participated in a poll, watched video clips, and wrote responsively, based on these essential questions: Is technology taking over? and Do we depend on technology too much?  Insightful class discussion made it obvious that Fishers High School sophomores have been thinking seriously about the role technology plays in their lives, and the lives of those around them!

View Technology’s Role Today in HaikuDeck.

Submitted on behalf of Kelsey Robertson, FHS English Department