Day 8 – Hawk Squad to the Rescue!

RSIHawksquadThe launch of 1:1 computing for the 1000+ students at Riverside Intermediate School has gone amazingly well! Blended learning is underway! Students are collaborating on projects, connecting with experts, and inquiring to find answers. Adding a digital component to teaching and learning, however, requires technology support…and who better to tap for that support than the digital natives themselves! That’s why media specialist Mary Gemberling assembled the Hawk Squad!

“Do you know more about technology than the grown ups? Do you know more about technology than your friends? Are you willing to work with teachers & students? if so, come on down for Hawk Squad! Meeting today at RiverTime.”

The Hawk Squad is a win-win! Students can pursue their interest and build their tech skills while simultaneously solving real problems. That’s 21st century learning at its best! Oh, and the logo on the right? Created by a Hawk Squad member, of course! Don’t miss the hawk’s eye in the graphic!

-Submitted on behalf of Mary Gemberling, RSI Media Specialist

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