Day 18 – Curiosity and “The Blob”

IMG_1937Some Lantern Road Elementary students had their curiosity doubly sparked today, when they entered the Media Center and saw–? A big blue blob! Actually, the big blue blob is Digitarium, a portable Planetarium that will remain at LRE for the entire week. “The students have been learning about non-fiction resources, and this surprise makes the perfect culmination and connection to our unit,” said Media Specialist Lori Silbert. Mrs. Silbert’s parent helper today added that being exposed to the night sky through Digitarium fosters curiosity in the children. “It makes them want to go outside and night and think about the stars.”

Curiosity. It’s inherent in every child. Great teachers foster this natural desire to understand the world — through Blobs and tales of the night sky — and in countless other HSE21 learning experiences every day.

-Submitted on behalf of Lori Silbert, Lantern Road Elementary Media Specialist