Day 19 – Second Graders Ask, “How Has Fishers Changed?”


Long-time residents of Fishers have witnessed its transformation–from a rural farming community to bustling suburb. Change is evident in the land, the structures, and every other aspect of life here. Seven year olds, on the other hand, don’t have this historical context at their disposal. They’ve always known Fishers as the almost-city it is today. As part of a study of communities, though, Mrs. Hillman’s second graders at Geist Elementary have just embarked on an inquiry project to learn about FIshers and how it has changed.

Beginning with the driving question, “How has Fishers changed?” Mrs. Hillman’s students are setting off on a journey. Over the next few weeks they will research sub-questions, consult experts, make comparisons, look for connections, and draw conclusions. They will create presentations of their learning to share with their peers, families, and community. Results will be published here–stay tuned!IMG_1951

-Submitted on behalf of Susan Hillman, Geist Elementary, Second Grade