Day 27 – Marble Moves



These were the instructions given recently to Riverside Junior High 8th grade science students. Supplies were provided, but the method…wide open!

Science teachers Stephanie King, Ashley Heckly and Teri Folta developed this inquiry project to introduce their students to the scientific method and the process of design. As they accomplish this task, the students are learning how to write procedures, and to collect and analyze data. The next step in the activity will be to synthesize their learning by composing their first lab report; class discussion will focus on the process of inquiry as well as the difference between precision and accuracy in data.

zip3This introductory science inquiry project gives a clear example of HSE21 learning in action. In dynamic 21st century classrooms, students think critically and creatively to find solutions to problems. In this case, teams pooled their creative ideas and scientific knowledge to design a successful marble path. Along the way, they learned the concepts of precision and accuracy, and they gained experience in collecting/analyzing data, writing lab reports, and collaboration. Heckly, Folta, and King will spend the rest of the year helping their students build on these foundational skills as classes delve deeper into chemistry and physics through the school year.

Submitted by Shawn Humphrey, RJH media specialist