Day 32 – On the Move For All Students

IMG_2286Most of us associate the role of ‘teacher’ with the full-time, daily instruction of children, i.e., a classroom teacher, and that is certainly the most direct teaching role! Other teachers, however, walk beside classroom teachers in support of student learning. One such teacher is Laura Rinderknecht, Academic Support Specialist in HSE’s Special Education department.

As a specialist in special education, Ms. Rinderknecht is full of energy and the passion to personalize learning for each individual student. She travels throughout the HSE district, conducting trainings for special education teachers, instructional assistants, high-ability teachers, English as a new language teachers, and others. Laura’s professional trainings focus on evidence-based classroom practices that support students in every demographic. Laura says that, currently, she is on a ‘visual supports rampage’, because of the power of visual supports to increase the understanding of language and environmental expectations.

Ms. Rinderknecht also stays on the move as a provider of coaching and support in HSE special education program classrooms, setting up structured teaching and implementing strategies based in research. She works with general education teachers as well, helping them to understand the particular disabilities of their students and to plan effective instruction. Woven through her many responsibilities and roles is Laura’s energy and passion for all students and teachers.

One more special note! While Ms. Rinderknecht’s HSE role keeps her traveling around Fishers each day, in the near future she’ll embark on a much longer journey. Laura was recently awarded a Lilly Creativity Fellowship to travel to Antarctica, where we believe her energy and passion will by necessity be divided between creative learning and –keeping warm!