Second and Fourth Graders #HourofCode Together

Mrs. Ging (4th grade) and Mrs. VanWynsberghe (2nd grade) at Fall Creek Elementary are introducing computer coding this week in some major ways! Since both classrooms are 1:1 with iPads, it’s been easy to integrate 2015 Hour of Code activities into learning. Below, Sandy Van Wynsberghe describes this collaborative endeavor and how it is already impacting their classes. (And it’s only Tuesday of #HourofCode week!)

“We started Hour of Code week with some of the videos from  These videos were our kick-off and explanation of what coding is all about. Since coding is a new endeavor for most of our students, we reminded them that it would be natural to make mistakes…many…as they are learning.  We often say that FAIL is not failure but a First Attempt In Learning!”

HourofCode FCE“With that background, we were ready to code! Each fourth grader partnered up with a second grader. The partners began by exploring together, sharing anything they already knew from the site and finding something they would like to learn together.  Over the next two weeks the student pairs will rotate through the following four activities:, Hopscotch, Tynker, and Sphero.  Their mission is to  explore, inquire, and learn.  Since the students are taking their iPads home each night for “Ask Me About…”, our learning community is growing and continuing beyond the school day. Towards the end of this “Weeks of Code” activity, all of the students will have a time to share with each other what they have learned as well.”

“My my students are having a blast! The engagement and cooperation that I witnessed in my room was amazing. It is fun to listen to the conversations and watch the learning take place; and — I can only imagine what I will learn from these fifty-two students over the next ten days!”